What women really want in relationships

What women really want in relationships

Several singles reveal the attribute that is most critical for their mates to have.

When it comes to dating, we all have our romantic checklists. For the most part, I think men and women agree on the key attributes we consider important in our romantic partners. Don’t we all want someone who’s decent, attractive, confident, loyal, has a great sense of humor, shares our values, operates with integrity, a good communicator and emotionally healthy? Oh yes, and it doesn’t hurt if Mr. or Ms. Maybe is independently wealthy and has rock-star charisma, too.

But what if you just had to pick one attribute as the most critical for your mate to have? That’s where the sexes part company and prioritize some traits over others — or, in some cases, define those traits differently. For example, men and women might have separate definitions for an adjective like “passionate.” Everyone wants a passionate partner, but if you believe some stereotypes and outdated research, men more often associate that word with pure physical, sexual voracity, while women think of a deeply felt, lusty emotion that’s directed only at them.

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