Sara Bareilles toughens up her sound on sophomore set

Sara Bareilles toughens up her sound on sophomore set

Good thing Sara Bareilles believes in second chances. His first attempt to learn to play piano when she was 9 years was short-lived. “I stopped being in the Scouts,” she said.

Sara Bareilles never returned to formal lessons, but the singer-songwriter still remember sitting at the piano that want to spend time with a “sweet, a special friend.” As time passed, that “friend” helped to create “Love Song”, his 2007 hit breakthrough, and guided through the creation of her second album, “Kaleidoscope Heart,” just released.

For “heart”, she wanted a more aggressive sound than that found on his major label debut, “Little Voice”, so she turned to producer Neal Avron, best known for his work with Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory . After working as a writer block stun has brought its own expectations on how to replicate the success of “Little Voice”, she was beginning to experiment more: write a song or two on guitar, working on arrangements copper. The result is an album that maintains the charm of melodic “Little Voice”, but is more confident and adventurous. The first single, “King of Nothing”, is already one of the pillars Adult Top 40 radio.

Bareilles, who made a terrible, heavy, slowed down version of Beyonce “Single Ladies” (which boasts its hand movement of the video down, too), we talk on this solo activity that ‘she particularly likes, assures us that this is not a misanthrope and talks about his most unusual guest on his new album.

You struggled to write the songs on “Kaleidoscope heart.” Any thought of using a co-author?

Sara Bareilles: I’m not a very good co-writer, I’ve never been. I love the sense of collaboration – I met some really nice people and had a good time – but I go out with the hardware that I do not think connected…. I am a writer autobiographical. The songs are for me much like journal entries, and it feels strange to share it with someone.

John Fogerty said the guitar will scream at him when he has a song ready. Your piano do it for you?

It often feels like this big old blank canvas. I never feel like it does not. He is there to listen and help me to make, and sometimes it works and sometimes not. It still feels like a kind of sanctuary, so if something sucks or if I’m in a bad mood the day I feel is horrible or whatever, it’s kind of there to be my companion to go through this .

What prompted you to write your current success, “the king of nothing”?

I just started to share the music for the first time [to] label, management and the band I just started to see everyone give me their opinion, which is what they were supposed to do, but then realize that I was pretty shaken up a bit. I was directing, “OK, here it goes,” and again, when you open back up.

It was like an experience of pipeline. I wrote it very quickly. It was the same as “Love Song” is dropped, and it felt very real, and I needed to say. I knew it would be the first single.

The “Not Alone”, you have a most unusual client, Alfred Hitchcock. How come?

It is an old, old interview off the BBC. This song came out so dark I had initially thought it would be. At the last minute, we wrote a musical interlude. He seemed nice, but very theatrical, like a scene from the soap opera or something. It does not feel complete. I think we could sample from an old movie. Like “The Birds” of Alfred Hitchcock, and we were looking online and we fell into this interview, and this quote was the perfect length, perfect sense, so he felt very happy chance that I found it.

You were on some Lilith Fair dates this summer. Why did you want to be part of the festival all the women?

I consider myself a feminist, but not in the way of man-hating. I really felt first hand the struggles encountered as a woman, especially in the music industry. It is such a boys club, and I felt, especially the start, I had to kick and scream to be heard, and I [was] happy to be about other women who may have experienced the same thing, just to see how everyone performs their business. Usually I’m the only girl – my crew and my whole group is all men – I like the idea of being around other women of energy.

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