Renato Casaro: Traveler in Search of the Light

Renato Casaro: Traveler in Search of the Light

Italian artist Renato Casaro, born in Treviso near Venice, is a painter by passion whose whole life’s work is influenced by his search for the light.

First, he was drawn to the limelight. After many years as a movie painter and many awards, came recognition world-wide and a successful career as a movie-poster-artist. Many of these works are now cult items, much sought-after by collectors and a part of film-history themselves.

So in l985 Casaro was able to realise a dream: his Painted Movies cycle in which he transfers well-known works of art to modern times – such as the famous Invitation, inspired by da Vinci’s Last Supper, but in Casaro’s interpretation with 13 movie-legends at the table having supper in Hollywood.

Restless and searching for new impressions, Casaro found new light in the African bush and the wide desert skies of the Middle East. His African wildlife paintings are highly praised, and the desert scenes, mysterious and litmitless, are complemented by camels, falcons, bedouin people and horses, captured to perfection. And so to Andalucia.

After living for a few years on the Costa del Sol with its bright clear light he now presents, as result of his studies, his most recent paintings showing Andalucian women in traditional attitudes against amazingly detailed backgrounds of historic Moorish architecture. Casaro’s work proves once again the impressing variety of his art and leaves the spectator wondering – where will he go next’s.

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