Capricorns don’t leave things to chance when fall in love

Capricorns don't leave things to chance when fall in love

Capricorns are loners by nature and they don’t look for love out of need. This makes them both daunting and highly desirable, to those who fall for them.

The Goat is earthy and reserved, and won’t usually rush into romance. Theirs is a seasoned sign of Winter, and they don’t leave things to chance, since you never know when you could be snowed in.

The emotionally cool Capricorn goes through his own mini Ice Ages, when he puts pleasure or fun “on ice,” to pursue goals that will bring real stability. Some Cappy’s deal with intense loneliness, and come across as hard to reach, even to those they love.

Capricorns are attracted to qualities like dignity, and even something as seemingly old-fashioned as “good breeding.” They might opt for the radical path of tradition, rather than the modern norm of YOLO (You only live once) debauchery.

Starry-Eyed and Sensible

Some Capricorns admire those high in the social pecking order, like the high achievers or popular ones, or the alpha male or striking beauty. They’re attracted to the successful, resourceful and physically voluptuous (or solidly-built).

The Goat is known for being cautious, because she has “been there, done that,” and wants to be sensible this time around. She isn’t going to lean on her mate, nor does she want someone who will vampirize her energy, money or time. She’s wise like that, and will take her time when it comes to commitment.

The Love Investment

Capricorns are alarmed by those that seem reckless, or too eager to merge lives. That comes from a strong instinct for natural law, and in particular, cause and effect.

If your Capricorn crush seems distant, even if you’ve made a move, be patient. They could be open to it, but need time to prepare for possible “costs.” Capricorns can have a fatalistic attitude about love, that it involves sacrifice and burdens, but that it’s worth it.

Many have, if they’re lucky, strong family roots, that for them are anchors going back generations. Getting together with a Capricorn could mean someday gaining a clan or tribe along with it.

Like their polar opposite sign Cancer, Capricorns have a very strong sense of ancestry, and actually are similarly homebodies.

A paradox of earth sign Capricorn is that they’re libidinous, with an uninhibited attitude to carnal desire, but super discriminating about going further into a “real” relationship. They don’t mind waiting for what they want, since they’re so self-contained.

This could be heartbreaking if you give yourself bodily to them, but then realize you’re not being considered marriage material. Capricorn has a hedonistic side that opens them to pleasure, but they’re not casual about commitment.

Capricorn’s turn offs are loose morals, shady ethics and those who are all talk and no substance. They’re also irked by insecurity, especially if it’s used to gain sympathy or as a victim ploy. They’re worldly, yes, but don’t admire those that relentlessly toot their own horn. They themselves prefer to slowly demonstrate their mastery, talents and capabilities, until it’s obvious to everyone.

The Goat is attracted to a lover who has a quiet dignity, and reaches into their wintry loneliness in a way that’s respectful. It helps, too, if you get their dry humor, which a lot of times has in it parables of life, with all its harshness and light.

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