A First Look at Natalie Portman in Black Swan

A First Look at Natalie Portman in Black Swan

The first photos of a quite striking Natalie Portman, from director Darren Aronofsky’s new film, “Black Swan,” have been released,” evoking the mystery at the heart of the psychological thriller.

In the first photo, Portman’s ghost-white face is contrasted by blood-red lipstick and strange, almost cat-like contacts. (Her dramatically well-powdered complexion is coincidentally reminiscent of her Padme Amidala character in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.”) In the second image, Portman, wearing the same dark eye makeup, lunges forward in a black tutu.

“Swan” is the story of a New York City ballerina, Nina (played by Portman), who is cast in a production of “Swan Lake,” navigating the opposing forces of her mother (Barbara Hershey), her demanding dance instructor (Vincent Cassel), and the enigmatic, seductive rival (Mila Kunis) who leads her down a dark path.

“Black Swan” will premiere on September 1, as the opening selection of the Venice International Film Festival. This marks Aronofsky’s first film since the critically hailed “The Wrestler,” which won the Golden Lion at the 2008 Venice festival and garnered Mickey Rourke a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

Aronofsky released a statement about the honor of opening at Venice, saying, “The cast and crew of Black Swan are both excited and humbled by the selection committee’s invitation. It is an honor to walk the great red carpet on the Lido, and we are excited to premiere our film to the wonderful audiences in Venice.”

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