The Innkeepers: Making movies in a haunted hotel

The Innkeepers: Making Movies in a Haunted Hotel

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Writer / director Ti West: I’m a skeptic as it is, but I had some weird electric things in my room. The light bulbs would burn out all the time and the TV would turn off and on by itself. It was really just a vibe – it felt like someone was in the room with you. It may sound bogus and just like what everyone else says, but I don’t ever feel that way in my life. Ever.”

Producer Derek Curl: I felt a ghost – I didn’t see a ghost. But I’m also very sensitive to them. I was sitting in bed and actually jumped off because I felt something push up against me…I think the ghosts here really have a bathroom fetish, because they love screwing with people’s bathrooms, whether it’s the water coming on, the lights flickering, doors shutting…

Actress Sara Paxton: It was unsettling living in that inn! One night I was in my bed reading a book after dinner; the windows were closed and suddenly the bathroom door slams and the light flicks on! It freaked me out – I was frozen. It must have been a breeze, I thought, but how could there a breeze when the windows are closed?

Cinematographer Eliot Rockett: I’m the old guy – practically everyone else on the shoot was 30 or under. The whole haunted hotel thing, whatever, I didn’t experience any of that. But this hotel is crooked and weird and not quite right.

Producer Peter Phok: I remember hearing the stories of The Yankee Pedlar being haunted from Luke, the night watchman, when we were here making The House Of The Devil. Personally, I’m not a superstitious person – I’ve got to see it before I believe it. That said, there’s definitely a creepy vibe at this hotel.

Actor Pat Healy: I’m not a believer in ghosts, but I did experience the weird atmosphere of that place, that town. And there were times when we were shooting those “scare moments” when I really felt it.

Line Producer Jacob Jaffke: Everyone had really crazy dreams. The same thing happened when we were making The House of the Devil and staying at the very same hotel. It kind of felt like you were watching Videodrome on acid in the rain…that is the only way I can describe the feeling you would have when you woke up with after a night’s sleep in the Pedlar.

Actress Kelly McGillis: I never had any experiences of being “haunted” when I was there. The Yankee Pedlar was a little creepy, yes, but it also had an interesting charm to it.

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