Your First 24 Hours in Bermuda

Your First 24 Hours in Bermuda

If you follow the pattern of most visitors you will thoroughly enjoy sleeping twelve of your first twenty-four hours in Bermuda. The slower pace and usually soothing climate of the Islands produce an almost immediate reaction of lazy relaxation, ideal conditioning for a holiday that can then be as lethargic or athletic as you like.

But regardless of how much you relish the somnolence of lying on a beach, the violence of a stiff game of singles or the rare chance to buy next year’s Christmas presents at devalued prices, you really should take out some time for sight-seeing.

You can hit the high spots in a few quick trips or you can leisurely roam the Colony and explore its history, its natural beauty and its architecture. Organized tours of the Islands are arranged by the Bermuda Reservation Bureau, American Express, Thomas Cook, Simmons Tours, Mr. Graham Perinchief, or you can go by taxi.

Regardless of how little time you can spend, you should see Hamilton, St. George, Somerset, the South Shore and the Lighthouse, the Aquarium, Devil’s Hole and the Caves.

Night life in Bermuda is leisurely and romantic, in keeping with the Colony’s relaxed atmosphere. There isn’t a night club in the Colony, but of the thousands who have danced under a Bermuda moon or dined in the quiet comfort of a charming, old house or a smart, new restaurant, few have yearned for a smoke-filled bistro.

Dancing centers around the big hotels, on starlit outdoor terraces in good weather, in ballrooms otherwise. English and American bands play American music, and colored bands play both calypso and American music. There is never a cover charge except on New Year’s Eve or for a charity ball, and a “minimum” is a rarity.

There are a number of excellent restaurants in the Islands, and others that are satisfactory for an inexpensive lunch or dinner. Try to spend at least one night dancing and have at least one luncheon or dinner “in the country”–the Harrington Sound area, Tucker’s Town or Somerset. The hotels are open to everybody for lunch, cocktails, dining and dancing, but only infrequently do guest houses serve transients. Private clubs are open for members and their guests.

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