Vanessa Hudgens returns with a new look

Vanessa Hudgens returns with a new look

Vanessa Hudgens has been quite the chameleon lately. Switching from grungy gym bunny to sultry seductress at the VMAs and back again, there are clearly many sides to the Sucker Punch star. And her latest look, channeling baggy chic in Studio City seems to indicate that the actress is feeling like some chill-out time.

Wearing a long dark skirt and a fringed orange vest, Vanessa was obviously in the mood for something less constricting than the leggings which have been her item of choice recently. She didn’t even appear to be wearing a bra, but she managed to get away with the always-risky decision, even sporting a cool leather beaded necklace.

Vanessa wasn’t wearing much makeup on under her huge sunnies, but the natural look suited the fresh faced star. She also accessoised with some chunky gold rings, and purple nail varnish to add a further splash of colour. The 22 year old had popped into Mareka Organic Food with some friends to pick up a few nutritious bites.

The healthy choice was most likely part of her new slimming regime, which she has embarked on to lose the extra pounds she gained for her role in upcoming independent movie, Gimme Shelter.

Vanessa has been combining a healthy diet with regular exercise to regain her usually svelte frame. She has been spotted carting her yoga mat to class, and also went for a hike with her teenage sister Stella yesterday. The actress appears to have regained some of her confidence after struggling with the short hair cut she had for Gimme Shelter.

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