Bermuda: How to Go and Where to Stay

Bermuda: How to Go and Where to Stay

It is all very simple to arrange a trip to Bermuda, but it is even simpler and costs no more have a travel agent do what arranging is required. The Colony has been a popular tourist spot for so long that agents have had wide experience in booking transportation and accommodations for people of varying tastes. By and large, they do an excellent job of fitting round pegs into circular holes, and rates are the same whether arrangements are made by an agency or the individual traveler.

Many travel agents have been here themselves and it is always useful to talk to someone who knows the Islands. Agents have folders and pictures and up-to-date information on ships, airlines, guest houses and hotels. The best approach is to decide what you yourself want, then get the agent to meet your requirements as best he can.

It is a good idea to give him a second or third choice. Remember, it is your vacation and if you want a quiet guest house on the Bermuda Plan (bed and breakfast), don’t sign up for a big, impressive hotel vacation just because your agent thinks it is a good idea. On the other hand, if you feel like a holiday in the stimulating atmosphere of a large and luxurious hotel, that is what you should insist upon. Travel agents after all are in the business of seeing that you have a good time, so they aren’t likely to press their own opinions.

When you have a travel agent make your reservations for this vacation, it is not like signing up for a conducted tour. It is merely a service. He arranges your ship, plane or sea-air combination, and makes your guest house or hotel reservation. Once in Bermuda you are not involved in a maze of pre-arranged plans.

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