Workout mistakes to avoid for better results

Workout mistakes to avoid for better results

When you stick to a routine, it is easy to become, well, stuck. If you are not cut down, toning up, or feeling any kind, it is probably due to an error following year. Read on to learn how to restart – and get the body you want pronto!

Mistake 1: You can count on Cardio Peel Off Pounds

For most women, sweaty aerobic exercise is not enough. “Research shows that weight loss is minimal if it is accompanied by a plan,” said Amy Luke, PhD, a nutritional epidemiologist at the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University of Chicago. “We can compensate for the extra energy we burn during physical activity by at least the rest of the day, or more commonly, we feel hungry after working, so we eat more.”

The solution: Keep your diet in check. To remove a book, which is 3500 calories in a week, aim to eat 300 calories less each day (300 x 7 = 2100) while burning 300 calories of exercise five times a week (300 x 5 = 1500) . “You plan for the year. You need to plan what you will eat after,” says John Porcari, PhD, professor of exercise physiology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and fitness advisory board member. Drink plenty of water also helps.

Mistake 2: You race through your representatives

Two things could happen here: Either your weight is too light, which is often the case for women, or are too heavy, and you let the momentum or gravity take over. Either way, your muscles are not sufficiently challenged, so they do not get more toned.

The solution: If you do not believe you’ve done just about everything you can do at the end of a game, choose a heavier weight. “You want there to be some pressure on the representatives of the second-last and last,” says Barbara Bushman, PhD, professor of exercise physiology at Missouri State University in Springfield. Achieving lighter weights when Do not move the weight with a regular check as you raise and lower.

Mistake 3: You Overcrunch Your Abs

If you make more than three sets of 15, you are wasting your time. “Crunches are not additional to your waist cinch,” says Michele Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama, and a FITNESS advisory board member. “We work the rectus abdominus, which is only one of the four muscles of the abdominal wall. But there are three other deeper muscles [internal obliques, external obliques, transverse abdominis] that give you a lean appearance by helping you with your posture.”

The solution: Take a break temporarily from your usual crunches and try the Pilates-based movements: (1) board (balance on the floor on forearms and toes and hold for 30 seconds), (2 ) Double-leg stretch (lie on your back, knees bent at 90 degrees with feet in the air and shins parallel to the floor, shoulders off the floor with your arms loosely clasping her knees, extend your legs and V arms wide, then back to top), (3) side planks (lie on the floor on your right, leaning on his right elbow, feet stacked, lift the hips, using your left hand on the ground in front of you to support Hold for 5 counts, then lower Do 10 repetitions, switch sides .. and repeat). Do 10 repetitions of each movement, three or four times a week.

Mistake 4: you aim to stay in the area to burn fat

No wonder you think you have to do this to lose weight: Many cardio you mean when you are above and below the zone. But the reason to stick to the low intensity exercise has been completely discredited. “Because fat takes longer than carbohydrates to convert to energy, you burn a higher percentage of it while sitting or walking when you run. So the old thought was that in low intensity of exercise that you could torch body fat and lose weight, “says Porcari. But the theory did not work in practice.”

In one study, we had people walk or run for half an hour . On average, the marchers burned 240 calories, 44 percent were fat, so they burned 108 calories of fat. Runners burn 450 calories, 24 percent were fat, so they burned 120 calories of fat. You look at total calories or fat calories, the riders arrived safely in the lead, “says Porcari.

The solution: There is nothing wrong with low-intensity exercise, especially if you have common problems. “But to lose weight, you will probably need to do for more than half an hour. Just for general health, the recommendation is 30 minutes five days a week, “Porcari said.

Mistake 5: You Skip the Warm Up

You may think you are saving time, but you’re actually just affect 5 to 10 minutes of your workout. “Your body needs to warm up literally so that blood flow increases, the nervous system wakes up, and the body starts to use energy and oxygen more efficiently,” says Michael Bracko, a sports physiologist and Director of the Institute for Hockey Research in Calgary. The result: Each step feels like less of a slog, and burn calories in full swing.

The solution: Bracko said that the best warm-up is to do your exercises chosen a low intensity. Runners, for example, should work, then run. “Continue until you break a sweat,” says Bracko. Alternatively, you can try to “dynamic” stretching, which moves are taking body through the range of motion you’re about to do. For a runner, which can mean high knees, butt shots, and forward, reverse, and rushed next door. “Avoid static stretching where you hold poses for several reasons. Reality soothes the system and can affect the performance”, Bracko says.

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