Coastal Ride Figurative Print by Brent Lynch

Coastal Ride Figurative Print by Brent Lynch

Passionate and daring, Brent Lynch is a powerful figurative and landscape artist. Lynch’s work is characterized by bold brushstrokes, and vivid, daring imagery. Initially a book and album cover illustrator, Lynch is known for posters promoting music and sporting events, including the Olympics. He is currently painting, creating murals and artworks for public and private collections. Lynch has been honored with many awards, including the Silver Medal in the International AIM for Art Exhibition.

Brent Lynch has been a successful painter and artist for over 25 years. Many national and international awards have been won for his work in the fine arts. He is both a powerful landscape and figurative painter. Brent uses mood, light and movement to express his experience. His passion is expressed as he paints life and he uses a daring combination of color and brushstrokes. His work ranges from intimate portraits to large scale mural installations.

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