Males or Females: Who are the best?

Males or Females: Who are the best?

You may have heard this discussion so many times that men can drive better than women or not? Everybody has his/her own point of views in this regard. We will reveal some amazing interesting facts today.

No doubt that generally men have more self control as compared to women and they easily take risks to drive fast even in the dangerous places; but this can’t be the guarantee of their good driving. In the hassle basal of the traffic, you will mostly see men drivers, females drivers are not in the same number as men are. Another thing you will notice is that females remain in hurry most of the time. This resembles with the female nature to some extent that females want most of the things first. Secondly in some Asian countries like Pakistan, usually females get more privileged of being women. So it’s a common practice to give them way to go.

No matter the hurries of their life and personalities reflect in their driving but it does not mean that they are not good drivers. According to a research conducted by the western insurance company, females are better drivers as compared to men. The simplest reason is that men drive fast and carelessly. Due to this fastness, a man easily provoke to anger & restlessness during driving. Another interesting thing is that males usually sleep while driving. In the survey research, 15 percent men in contrast with 90 percent women have said that they usually cross the speed limits, no matter for a shorter distance. Mostly men admit the fact that they usually feel sleepy while long & relaxed driving. Mostly men also have a habit to pass comments, signs & symbols to other drivers. We usually see these sorts of scenes on the road in our daily life.

In the same survey research 70 percent men and 10 percent women have confess that they shows anger on the other drivers after small accidents and mistakes. The biggest reason of men’s driving accidents is their carelessness and over confidence. On the other hand females face accidents when they feel much stress also because of the false measurement of the distance during driving. Besides all these characteristics of females and males driving, males are proved as good driving instructors as compared to women, according to the same survey. So now it is up to you, whether you will adopt the good habits of driving or not to be a good driver.

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