Emma Stone: I’m an enormous ‘Spider-Man’ fan

Emma Stone: I'm an enormous 'Spider-Man' fan

Emma Stone went from layman to expert in both publishing sensations it helps bring to Hollywood this summer and next.

Pierre had not read Kathryn Stockett of “help” before auditioning for the lead role in the drama of a white woman who rocks the establishment by the Deep South chronicle of a hard black servants in the early 1960.

And before winning the female lead in “The Amazing Spider-Man” Peter knew the superheroes of Marvel Comics Sam Raimi mainly for three big screen “Spidey” adventures and insights from the web-slinger on the memories.

“I knew Spidey costume for Halloween and dressing and erasers and pencils and notebooks,” Pierre, 22, said in an interview at the conference last week fans at Comic-Con, where she and star Andrew Garfield joined the filmmakers reveal images of the 2012 summer blockbuster waiting.

“I knew that every boy at school was obsessed with Spidey. I saw all the films of Sam Raimi, but I did not read the comics until I got involved. And now I’m a fan a ridiculously huge “Spider-Man.” This is what happens. This character is one of the most incredible, I think, ever written, the world of comic books and the literary world. It’s just a inspirational character. I think that’s probably why it is super hero’s favorite president.”

Pierre has been on a steady rise in Hollywood, co-starred in the 2007 teen romp “Superbad” and 2009 horror comedy “Zombieland” and charming the audience with his first big screen lead in the Last year “The Scarlet Letter” twist “Easy A”.

After supporting roles in back-to-back romantic comedies with last week’s “Friends With Benefits” and this week’s “Crazy Love stupid”, the profile of Stone shoots Superior August 10 debut of “The Help” , Viola Davis co-star, Bryce Dallas Howard and Octavia Spencer.

Pierre recalled as being a novice on “assistance” as it had been on “Spider-Man.” She was about to meet with the filmmakers for the first time and happened to give his mother a call.

“I have a meeting tonight to ‘help,” Peter said to his mother. “And she screamed so loud my eardrums burst. She said,” You must read this book! You need to read this book now ! My mother, as she fainted, she was so out of it.”

“Help” should be a summer hit taken by the female fans of the bestseller, a rarity in a season dominated by tales of action and comedy aimed primarily young men.

As Gwen Stacy, the love interest for Garfield, Peter Parker in July of the next “Spider-Man” reboot, Stone will be in the thick of a fan-boy frenzy. Yet the fact that Peter is a skinny, shy young jumping to a hero by the bite of a mutant spider made him an idol for everyone, not just comic books and action fans, Pierre said.

“Batman is perfect, but it’s not a rich guy build a suit. And Superman very well, but it’s not a guy untouchable as we have ever seen on this planet,” said Peter. “This is someone you can go to school and work with, all of a sudden, one day is able to fight against evil superhuman. It’s pretty amazing. I understand now. Really.”

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