Fast Five sizzled at the box-office

Fast Five sizzled at the box-office

Smoking Fast and Furious’s April opening record, Fast Five made off with an estimated $83.6 million at 3,644 locations over the weekend. The action sequel shot past Fast and Furious’s $71 million start for a new franchise high.

Fast Five more than doubled colleagues Rio de Janeiro Adventure, Rio (39.2 million), to claim the biggest opening of 2011. It was also the third highest opening weekend of extrapolation outside the summer season or holiday, behind Alice in Wonderland (2010) of the ’40, $ 8 million and The Passion of the Christ $ 83.8 million. If there are five quick start as early summer, has insisted that its marketing, he ranked seventh among the debut last summer (Spider-Man 3 holds the record with $ 151.1 million).

Fast Five sizzled at the box-office

Although Fast Five sizzled, the other three new versions nationally fizzled. Prom has attracted a heat about 5 million dollars to 2,730 points. Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil gathered around $ 4,100,000 to 2505 points (77 per cent of the gross amount of 3D presentations was that close to 1,900 locations), which was a fraction of the first Hoodwinked. Dylan Dog: Dead of Night was worse, the simple extrapolation of an estimate $ 885,000 at 875 locations.

Most avatars are more successful than they were used to, partly because of last weekend being Easter. Second, Rio fell 45 percent to an estimated $ 14.4 million, lifting its total to $ 103.6 million in 17 days. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family has dropped 60 percent to an estimated $ 10.1 million for a score of $ 41.1 million in ten days. Water for Elephants fell 46 percent to an estimated $ 9.1 million for a total of $ 32.3 million in ten days. Given its subject, the Hop has been more susceptible to post-Easter disinterest, and he plunged 79 percent to an estimated $ 2.6 million for a count of $ 105.3 million in 31 days.

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