Why your workout may be backward

Why your workout may be backward

A common misconception about how exercise can prevent you from burning as much fat as you can.

Having been an athlete for most of my life I thought I knew my way around the gym. On a typical day, I hit the treadmill or elliptical machine for 30 minutes, then move on to weight machines. And that’s what I started when I recently joined a gym. Then I got my assessment – you know, examining your habits of many gyms do. And the review said that I was doing something wrong.

Hit the weights hard, the evaluation said. Then go to the heart. What?

“The body needs to burn through its source of sugar before the draws in the fat,” says Iman Nikzad, who runs the fitness program at my LA Fitness near Irvine, California. “You burn sugar while the weight and burn fat while doing cardio. ”

I did some research and is proving he is right and I was wrong. The best workout is 10 minutes of warmup on a cardio machine low impact, followed by 30 minutes of weights, then 30 minutes of cardio intensity. Yes, really.

“Efficiency is key in structuring any workout, cardio to long term should not be done in the beginning of the session,” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Jim Smith. “The most intensive training should be done first in the workout when you’re at your best.”

Starting with weights, you alert your muscles to trigger protein that churn calories while you train. So even though you’re probably happened after 30 minutes of weight, your body is ready to eat meat more quickly than it would if you started with “tell” the body to attack the sugar.

Many people make mistakes, think weight training decreases the effect of cardio work. Quite the contrary. Remember the phrase: “. Muscle eats fat” If you want to lose fat – and that does not work? – You want your muscles as active as possible. That means starting with the weights.

And if you have only 30 minutes in total, go to the weights instead of cardio. This seems intuitive-cons, because we think sweating is “proof” that we’re losing fat. But you’ll lose much more fat by pushing and pulling weights and then go on a brisk walk in your neighborhood (or even the mall). The guy or girl who runs on the Stairmaster buckets is to get a good workout, but you’re likely to get better by getting hurt and not be soaked.

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