Stunning high-end hotel built in a cave in Cappadocia

Stunning high-end hotel built in a cave in Cappadocia

A 5-star stay here includes balconies and fire pits — but watch your head.

Nestled among the limestone caves of Cappadocia, Turkey, lies the 30-room, 5-star Yunak Evleri hotel. Carved into a mountain, the structure includes 6 cave houses and a 19th-century Greek mansion. The rooms are predictably quiet, but don’t worry, there’s also wireless.

Enjoy the panoramic views and a drink by the fire. Or check your email. Yes, it has Wi-Fi.

Much of the Yunak Evleri hotel was carved into soft limestone cliffs. Each room features a patio. No special effects needed. This one-in-a-million hotel has to be seen to be believed.

Each bedroom has a spa with either a Jacuzzi or a steam shower. The rooms are decorated in Ottoman-era furniture and feature all the amenities of home. Even on hot days, the cliff walls keep the rooms nice and cool.

If you’re on the tall side, use caution when getting up in the morning. There’s more to the hotel then the rooms. Enjoy the view with other lucky guests.

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