Natalie Portman responds to allegations on Black Swan

Natalie Portman responds to allegations on Black Swan

Suddenly everything is coming up Natalie Portman, who is. First, she won an Oscar for “Black Swan”. Then she teamed with Oscar-nominated and Oscar disastrous host James Franco in a bid to appear very strange, “Your Highness”. Note the last word in the title because this sword and sorcery film is very high on something other than a queen or princess.

Of course, the real meat of the matter Portman is the accusation against him by Sarah Lane. The advertising campaign and pushing for Portman Oscar, you will recall, was based largely on the fact that Portman has learned to dance ballet, so it is rarely needed to be doubled to end the illusion that she was a ballerina prima donna. The problem is that it is looking increasingly like that is less and less a reality. Shortly after Portman accepted her gold Oscar for Best Actress, Lane came forward to announce that it has up to 95% of dance credited Portman in “Black Swan”.

In the wake of “Your Highness” to be released in theaters, Portman has finally made a public comment on the controversy. The meat of the question, Portman has not directly responded to Lane’s remarks, but said she will always be the proud owner of the work she did in “Black Swan” without nasty gossip going around. In other words, Portman has failed to clarify the issue.

Another quote from “Your Highness” seems much more interesting compared to the whole controversy ballerina. Portman announced that it has been a big fan of stoner movies, including “Your Highness” is certainly one of the strangest representatives. But it’s not the interesting quote. What is interesting is Portman admitted to smoking marijuana at university, but assures her fans that she is too old and matronly to engage in such foolishness now.

Portman has until the controversial “Black Swan” dance managed to maintain a rather creaky clean, free from any form of intrusion of the ugly reality ala Mel Gibson. Thus, it seems rather strange that she choose this moment in time to announce it just sorta had acted a little less squeaky clean. Some Portman fan club members are probably surprised by this admission, while others are probably much more suspicious of the assertion that his days smoking weed are everywhere.

Certainly, assuming that you smoked marijuana in the university is not enough to get you busted ala Robert Mitchum these days and hardly fair with public collapses experienced by Gibson and, more recently, Charlie Sheen. But the fact remains that the controllers movie stars tend to derive their right to hair of their head to comments like those made by Portman.

Unless, of course, these observations were designed for the express purpose of taking attention away from Natalie’s company much more unpleasant to prove she was not involved in the bald face lied when she been on the press junket for “Black Swan” and investigators say it does much more than just 5% of the dance itself. At the very least, one would think that Portman degree in psychology would have been enough to alert her to the fact that Sarah Lane is a recognition of the daily demand for its efforts.

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