Is Maria Sharapova back as a real contender?

Is Maria Sharapova back as a real contender?

Maria Sharapova’s conduct did not really forehand wonder and excitement, but I am full of admiration for his desire to succeed.

She burst onto the tennis scene as a 17-years in 2004, twice defeated the defending champion Serena Williams in the Wimbledon final, but having reached the top spot herself, her career went into decline in the late 2008 after a long absence injury.

With his physique, physical, and bulging bank balance, Russia could easily have retired with his three major titles in hand, knowing that his name is printed in the record books and his face probably to adorn the cover of magazines glossy for years to come.

But instead of taking the easy option, she chose to fight through his physical problems and continue the grind on tour, with a success is not guaranteed. Before his 24th birthday this month, Florida-based Sharapova regained the top-10 women’s football for the first time in more than two years after reaching the semifinals at Indian Wells and Miami in the final.

A shoulder injury in the long term has clearly taken its toll, especially on well-weak serve, but the thought of calling it a day does not seem to have entered his mind, even despite his impending marriage of star Sasha Vujacic in the NBA.

His quest to extend his career in an attempt to claim more Grand Slam titles is the determining factor, and his desire to succeed, anything is possible.

When she was in its infancy, Maria was often compared to fellow Russian Anna Kournikova blonde bombshell. She has always maintained that his tennis was more important than its appearance. At the time, and with annotations in stacking, many of us were skeptical. Would she be able to concentrate on the game with so much attention off the court much?

It was to show us everything she had much more than just a pretty face. In a world where attractive women seem to have an immediate advantage, regardless of ability, Maria is a shining light – a breath of fresh air.

Sure, she has garnered more sponsors than most on the WTA Tour, but prize money and securities are not based on appearance, and has won many of those too – 22 tournament victories and more of $ 10 million gain on the court.

Being a professional athlete in any sport requires a lifetime of stress – a dedication most of us will never understand. To be on top, you must eat, breathe and sleep your work. It is incredibly difficult. I tried and failed, so I have the utmost respect for those who succeed.

Sharapova was the top, suffered a lapse burst, and is now slowly working his way back up. Nobody is obliged to do so, she could retire comfortably and look back on a successful career, but she chooses to put in the hours and suffers from some painful defeats en route to fulfill his ambition and seems to prove that you can not lead very far – it’s heart, drive and talent that can lead to great success.

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