The best jobs outside the cubicle

The best jobs outside the cubicle

If you fantasize about working away from an office, one of these jobs might be for you.

The winter blues are starting to settle, leaving more than one inhabitant of the cabin to look longingly beyond the half gray walls that surround three sides, wondering what else is there.

In fact, there is a little freshness and jobs in demand outside of the cell. Some capitalize on the demand for health care as baby boomers age, while others capitalize on trends in technology and social media. Whatever the reason, these jobs are not bound by the rules Dilbert-Oniani.

“I think many people secretly fantasizing about the freedom that working outside the office provides, ” said Jeremy Redleaf, a filmmaker and creator of employment Odd Job Nation. “Employment outside the cab allows the freedom to build the life you want.”

Question answering virtual

The economy may improve, but companies are still trying to cut costs – and one of the ways they do this is to reduce the number of full-time employees physically in the office, and taking advantage thrust to move more business online.

“We have seen a proliferation of e-businesses looking for ‘virtual field agents” to answer basic questions in real time or write articles on simple tasks, “Redleaf said.” Although it is a great way to make money anywhere, it’s not for slow typists or fatigability -. It is a game volume when they pay per response ”

An ad for a virtual answering question on craigslist appeal to the interests of job seekers to get paid for things they already do: “Do you spend your day watching random things online can be paid for it are we? ” looking for people to respond to questions received by the mobile service most popular in the country. We receive thousands of questions each time and people need to put online and find the answers. You must be at least eighteen years of age and especially his ability to use different search engines. Country-by-question, “the announcement read.

Mobile App Developer

Sick of your cabin? Developers who are mobile applications are in demand – and they do not always need to be in the office or even a full time job as a developer of application.

“It’s a rare skill,” Paul Forster, CEO of, said developers of mobile applications. “People who have these skills can dictate their working conditions,” he said. “If you want to get the best application developer you may not be able to say to come and work here in our office … you may having to register in their work priorities.”

There are more than 3,000 jobs for developers of mobile applications on-app, pay $ 50,000 or more – some more than $ 100,000, which is No. 2 on the trends on this site time. An ad for a mobile app developer read “Only Rockstars, while another Nokia sought a” User Interface Evangelist. ”

Videogame Tester

It’s every kid’s dream: To be a professional videogame tester.

There are a couple hundred listings for game testers on, with pay ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 or more.

The cool thing is that you get to test the games before they’re released. The downside is you have to keep playing the same games over and over and over again until you break them, find a glitch, etc.

Hey, that’s the price you pay to play!

Recreational Therapist

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, demand for health-care workers is surging. But not all of those jobs require you to be in a doctor’s office or hospital, which, let’s face it, is the medical equivalent of a cubicle.

Recreational therapists help patients who were injured recover using all kinds recreational activities, from sports and games to arts, music and dance.

The average wage is about $40,000, according to the Labor Department.

The Labor Department projects demand for recreational therapists will outpace the average for all occupations in the next decade due to the aging Boomer population.

Concierge Doctor

Most doctors are feeling the crush of having to see several thousand patients a year, and patients are feeling rushed. And, with health-care reform threatening to flood waiting rooms with even more patients, an increasing number of patients are choosing to pay extra for the privilege of having a personal physician.

“Concierge doctors,” as they’re known, are private doctors that charge patients an annual fee of anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 per year for more personalized service. Patients can call or email them anytime of the day or night, don’t have to wait for appointments and get longer appointments. Plus, they’ll make house calls if you want them to.

Doctors appreciate having 50 to 500 patients instead of a couple thousand and the patients appreciate the quality of care they get.

Professional Twitter-er

Social media has not only changed how we live, it has changed the way business – and advertising.

“All businesses can benefit from some tender care Twitter … and they are often willing to pay an hourly rate impressive if you can turn those 140 characters into 100 brand loyalty percent, “Redleaf said.” We strongly recommend building your following individual before going after these positions Virtual juicy. ”

It is still a growing field, so a lot of these jobs are on a consulting or part-time. On an hourly basis, is approximately $ 10 to $ 50 an hour, Redleaf said.

Brand ambassador

It’s not just Twitter, companies are increasingly hiring people to their “brand ambassadors,” really working interactivity to marketing.

“It was clear that there are conversations about products takes place on the Web and business must engage in conversations,” says Forster. “They are less unidirectional, where companies distribute their brand messages and more interactive.”

It’s not just the Internet, either. With the growth of markets in Spanish speaking countries and emerging markets such as China, companies are increasingly hiring bilingual brand ambassadors.

There are over 4,000 listings ambassadors for the brand, pay $ 20,000 to $ 100,000 or more. Plus, there are emerging companies as Jason Sadler’s, where companies pay for Sadler, a professional carrier T-Shirt (pictured left), and others to wear their shirts and their fans engage in discussions products, from Twitter to Facebook and YouTube.


Hiring in the field of geology grow by 22 percent in the coming years, according to a recent survey by CareerCast.

The field has concerns about the environment, the growing demand for all petroleum geologists, ocean or land who study land for oil and gas to engineering geologists, which are used for everything from planning and construction of environmental remediation.

The typical starting salary is about $ 42,000, but could triple to $ 155 000 or more, depending CareerCast. has about 2,000 listings for geologists.

It is ideal for the cabin of caution – a lot of your time is spent in the field, if you still need to be able to use a computer that many jobs still uses computer modeling and data analysis.

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