Lady Gaga no longer the Web’s ‘most liked’

Lady Gaga no longer the Web's 'most liked'

Lady Gaga loses the title of Facebook’s most-liked living person to another music superstar.

Eminem might have lost out on his bid for the Grammys’ Album of the Year, but that hasn’t weakened his following one bit. The rapper continued his recent siege on social networks and digital media by officially overtaking Lady Gaga as the most “liked” artist on Facebook. With over 28,883,000 “likes” at press time, Eminem has narrowly surpassed Lady Gaga’s “like” tally of 28,872,000, and with Em averaging over a half-million “likes” a week according to FameCount, the rapper will only widen the gap between himself and Gaga…

Lady Gaga attained the “most-liked person” distinction in July of last year, when she overtook the leader of the free world as most-liked. (At the time, President Obama had 9.4 million Facebook fans; Gaga had 10 million.) .

This means Eminem is more well-“liked” than both Lil Wayne and Oreo’s, but not as well-“liked” as Michael Jackson, who leads all Facebook “likes” with 29.1 million. At this pace however, Eminem should steal the King of Pop’s FB throne in approximately one day..

Even though Eminem is now the King of Facebook “likes,” he still heavily trails Lady Gaga in the Billion Views Club on YouTube. Earlier this week, clicks on Eminem’s music videos combined to reach 10 digits, with Slim Shady becoming only the third artist behind Gaga and Justin Bieber to reach a billion views. But Eminem still trails Gaga’s total view count by more than 190 million.

While Bieber owns the record for most YouTube views with 1.34 billion (Gaga’s got 1.19 billion), has some major work to do on the Facebook front: His 21.8 million “likes” trail both Gaga and Eminem by nearly seven million. In fact, Lil Wayne, with 20.4 million “likes,” threatens to overtake Bieber on Facebook in the near future. Maybe we can blame Bieber’s downfall on his new haircut?

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