Peek at what’s next for ‘Harry Potter’

Peek at what's next for 'Harry Potter'

The release of “Deathly Hallows – Part 1” left fans anxiously awaiting the finale.

For a two-and-a-half hour movie, there sure was a lot we didn’t get to see in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1.”

Yes, by splitting the final book in the series into two films, more story details and character moments from the text than any of the earlier adaptations. But it also meant ending on a cliffhanger with no hope of resolution until the final installment hits theaters next July.

For fans, the eight-month wait is all the more interminable because of the tantalizing glimpses of the next movie they’ve already seen in previews. The original trailer that was released back in June is full of scenes that don’t appear in the first movie. Here are some of the big scenes that are still to come in “Part 2.”

Spoiler Warning

Plot points from the second half of “The Deathly Hallows” will be revealed here.

Harry Faces Voldemort
The very first scene of the trailer is taken from late in “Part 2.” In the book, it’s in Chapter 34 (out of 36). It comes after Voldemort’s army of Death Eaters has already attacked Hogwarts. After learning the truth about his destiny, Harry realizes he has to surrender himself to Voldemort, so he ventures into the Forbidden Forest to confront his enemy.

Breaking Into Gringott’s
Also in the trailer are shots from the sequence where Harry and friends sneak into the goblin bank, Gringott’s, to recover a Horcrux from Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault. In the book this happens soon after Voldemort acquires the Elder Wand — the point where the first movie ends. Hermione disguises herself as Bellatrix to access the vault, but they must still contend with the pale, nearly-blind dragon that stands guard inside.

The Attack on Hogwarts
The biggest set piece in the final film will be the ultimate battle on the grounds at Hogwarts. The protective charms around the school are broken, and the Death Eaters charge in. In the trailer there are shots of Harry, Ron and Hermione as they try to escape the Room of Requirement as it goes up in flames. Also you see explosions blow apart the courtyard of the castle as wizards flee from flying debris.

The Final Confrontation
Of course, the entire series comes down to one last duel between Harry and Voldemort. Earlier in the trailer, there is an exchange between the two as Voldemort grasps Harry’s face in his hand. Voldemort asks, “Why do you live?”, and Harry answers, “Because I have something to live for.” Then the preview ends with a brief look at the climatic fight between the two.

There are plenty of other little snippets of scenes from the last movie in the original trailer, including an impassioned kiss between Harry and Ginny. Unfortunately, we won’t see how it all turns out until “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” arrives in theaters on July 15th, 2011.

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