10 ways for women to beat stress

10 ways for women to beat stress

Over the past few seades, the role of women in society has changes sihnificntly.As more and women enter the work force and juggle career and families, the need for quick, de-stressing strategies is greater than ever before. Here are some relaxation recniques. Just choose your pick…

• Take frequent, short breaks from work, whether that is from housework. Also from husband and children!
• Take a trip to the beauty parlour ( and get yourself a pedicure, manicure, or a massage!)
• Take up knitting ! Seriously, like meditation or prayer, knitting allows for the passive release of stray thoughts. The rhythmic and repetitive quality of knitting, together with the sound of needles clicking, is akin to a calming mantra. The mind can wander, while still focusing on one task.
• Exercise ! you’ve heard it before, but aerobic activities such as swinning, cycling, walking are soothing.
• Count your blessings every single day and be grateful.
• Take a few moments everyday to “be in awe of nature”, watch a sunset, appreciate trees and flowers, gaze at the stars, listen to the sounds of waves, and the chirping of birds…
• Get an aquarium. Gazing at ponds and aquariums with various fish reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.
• Take the time to listen to your favourite music.
• Eat healthy andss sleep well.
• Do Yoga and Meditation daily.

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