Top Gun sequel coming after 24 years

Top Gun sequel coming after 24 years

The original director has signed on for ‘Top Gun 2’, but will Tom Cruise return as iconic fly-boy Maverick?

Are you feeling the need for more speed? Amid rumours earlier this month that Paramount made offers to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Tony Scott and actor Tom Cruise to revive ‘Top Gun’ over 20 years after the original, Tony Scott has confirmed he’s on board. But what of Maverick?

Speaking to entertainment website Hitfix while promoting his new thriller ‘Unstoppable’, starring Denzel Washington, Scott hinted the second ‘Top Gun’ movie would concentrate on the modern day Air Force, saying, “This world fascinated me, because it’s so different from what it was originally.

“But I don’t want to do a remake. I don’t want to do a reinvention. I want to do a new movie.” He added, “I’m not waiting for a script. I’m going to do my homework.”

As to whether Tom Cruise will reprise his Maverick role, Scott wouldn’t be drawn on confirmation, but other sources from around the Web state Cruise’s character plays a small part in the new film, and suggest that the Hollywood star who made his name in the cult classic would be happy to reappear as long as the role wasn’t an obvious way to include him for the sake of it.

Top Gun sequel coming after 24 years

Of course things have changed in the world of aviation recruits since the film’s release in 1986, and the Cold War is long over, but gossip site Digital Spy states that Scott has found that some pilots from the ‘80s still fly test aircraft, indicating there would be legitimate grounds for Cruise’s return. Another rumour suggests Scott would follow the same pilots on their journey in the two decades since the film first launched. Either way, there’s more than enough grounds to bring back ‘Top Gun’ with the first film making over £220m in box office revenue worldwide – a huge amount for the 1980s (roughly £444m in today’s money).

While Cruise is keeping busy at the moment working on ‘Mission Impossible 4’, Scott has confirmed we won’t see ‘Top Gun 2’ for at least a couple more years since it won’t be the next project on his to-do list either, confirming to Hitfix that he has at least one more film to complete first. So could this mean their schedules perfectly co-ordinate?

Would you prefer to see ‘Top Gun 2’ following the older fighter pilots from the original, or a whole new story with a younger cast? Who would make the perfect Maverick for this generation? Shia LaBeouf, anyone?

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