Young Hollywood embraces hippie style

Young Hollywood embraces hippie style

Whether she likes it or not, Nicole Richie has become the poster child for boho chic. Inspired by the flower child styles of the late 1960s, it’s fairly easy to capture the earthy, free-spirited look, which is an eclectic mix of hippie, ethnic, and vintage elements. While the style has become synonymous with many other celebs such as the Olsen twins and Sienna Miller, nobody seems to rock it better than Richie. Even while pregnant, the former “Simple Life” star managed to incorporate Bohemian bits into her maternity wardrobe. She simply glowed in her vibrant flowing frocks and pretty headbands.

Now, the groovy fashions are being embraced by a new generation of stars who are attempting to put their spin on a fairly old trend. Let’s see how they compare to Ms. Richie.

Although Miley Cyrus was born about 23 years after Woodstock, she definitely digs hippie chic. From maxi dresses to big boho bags to suede boots, she even has a habit of flashing peace signs at the paparazzi.

Vanessa Hudgens, 21, also considers herself to be somewhat of a hippie chick. As far back as 2007, the “High School Musical” starlet described her personal style to Seventeen as being Bohemian. “I love earthy tones, I love funky things,” she said. “I love it when I see things that are different and funky. That’s really what inspires me.” More recently, the actress, who is often snapped wearing floppy hats, noted that her style alternates between “Bohemian chic” and “rocker chic.”

While Vanessa’s former Disney co-star, Ashley Tisdale, isn’t necessarily known for her flower child flair, she likes to experiment. The 25-year-old told Nylon in April that her style is “all over the place. It’s different every day.” We found a photo of the “Hellcats” actress out and about in LA on an afternoon when she must have been feeling groovy. Love her embroidered peasant top and the funky fringe bag!

Although “Transformers” hottie Isabel Lucas admits she’s a little bit “quirky” when it comes to her style and everything else, she is a nature girl at heart. She told Details that she likes to hike in LA’s Griffith Park because of the “energy of the trees and air,” so it’s no surprise the 25-year-old Aussie has a hippie vibe going on in her closet. From headbands to eyelet shirts like the one in this photo, the free-spirited style really works for her.

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