New Halo game may be best yet

New Halo game may be best yet

The latest installment of the hit Xbox franchise adds fun new gear, like a jetpack.

Hitting the streets at midnight tonight, Halo developer Bungie Reach is the last Halo title ever – but they come out with a bang or a whimper?

It may lack an aspect of traditional leader lead Halo Master, but according to most critics, the game is a stunner. Some even label it the best Halo title to date in a quasi-uniform thumbs-up as to push the game to mark the 93% review aggregation site Metacritic.

“Bungie [has] injected their formula has proved its true with enough new ideas and improvements to make this entry the best Halo yet, he writes,” that’s saying a hell of a lot of the absence of starting Master Chief prints on planet Reach.”

Cabral praised the campaign of both the game – “an epic story, the incredible pace, and a place on the mixture of old and new – and its multiplayer mode, you’ll spend predicting” a major part of your life in [its] massive online universe. “The price it five stars out of five years.

1UP Thierry Nguyen prodigal also achieve a perfect A +, calling it “a prequel to a series beloved science-fiction that not only just works, but is sometimes better than the preceding installments it.” Recital Halos one, two and three ranks among the best games ever released in the magazine, on Microsoft platforms, this is not an easy task.

As for details, Nguyen was impressed by the range set of tools – including weapons modified and new toys like the jetpack game – and the flexibility the game allows you to approach them.

“Combat Reach ceases to be linear and allows for some creative player tactics,” he writes. “Once, after having vainly attempted to climb a fortified structure of each foot or by jeep Warthog, I just decide to try to use a jetpack to reach my goal – and God knows who has worked on.”

The world-famous? Not quite: the rows of wire breaks for the grant to achieve this, by comparison, is a critical disappointing 8 / 10, parcel of the game (“predictable low…”) and tired characters (“Johnnies a single note, all bluster and no depth. “)

“Conte narrative has never been the forte of Bungie, said Gus Mastrapa writer, and while your team mates Spartan armor is straight out of Aliens,” none of your compatriots are half as lively as Hudson and Hicks.

But even so, there is broad agreement on one point: the multiplayer is “incredible,” said Mastrapa, even in the face of competition from the likes of the franchise Modern Warfare. “Halo has remained an innovator… Reach brimming with features that few other games console to offer.”

Disagreements on the single player campaign the game aside, the verdict is clear: millions of Halo fans are loyal to certain evenings this week. Already at the end of the year chances of best-selling Halo: Reach may have a shot at his best received, too. Not a bad way to get out, Bungie.

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