How to make real money on the internet

How to make real money on the internet

The current financial crises means that more and more people want to make money online not only do they want to make money online they usually want to make money fast and often they want to make money for free. Unfortunately there are a lot of unethical marketers out there who are more than happy to take your money and and attempt to deliver on their promise which will offer you fast extra cash online – if you have any sense, or respect for your money you will run a million miles.

Why Internet Marketing Has Such Bad Reputation

Yes you can make money online. First though when you are looking for an opportunity to make money online remember that most people trying to make money online are trying to do it by earning commissions from newbies who are looking to make money online – people like you! Guess which programs get promoted the most? The best programs – sure, that’s the programs with the best commissions of course! Quite a number of current programs have up front charges of around $2000 – the commission is probably about 30-40% – you can see the temptation can’t you?

That is the heart of the problem with the ethics of Internet Marketing – and leads to new people doing one of two things: loosing a lot of money and then quiting the business getting a real bad taste in their mouth – and quitting the business.

I was lucky – first I didn’t have much money so I quit without losing too much cash, just a whole lot of time, which for many people is even more precious. And secondly I found a few good, ethical marketers who taught me how to make money online for real.

Can You Make Real Money Online – Is It All A Scam?

Yes you can make real money – but its not by selling stuff to other people who want to make money. Instead its by selling stuff to people who really want to buy it: real stuff: iPods, e-books on how to meet a girl, where to find a replacement vacuum bag for your model Hoover.

Is it quick and easy to do this? No its not. There is an awful lot of both wrong and mis-information out there. You don’t need a big name blog, or even to be a great writer to make money online. In fact one of the people I know makes 6-figures a year online is an absolutely appalling writer by his own admission. You don’t need to blog regularly, you don’t need lots of readers and you don’t need social networks like twitter and facebook.

What you need is buyers on your site; and your site needs to be focused with providing answer to people searching for an answer to their problem: how do I get rid of ants in the kitchen? how do I get a jammed DVD out of a Panasonic XYZ DVD Player? how to cure acne? Your site needs to provide an answer to your visitor in a manner which will get you paid – be it an eBay or Amazon sale or an e-book or an Adsense ad click.

Think Like A Customer to Make Money Online

Just like any business if you can turn it around and think about the customer you are probably 80% of the way there. Unfortunately all the blogs which tell you that if you write about your passion and the money will follow are wrong for about 99% of people. If you passion is credit cards, or termite extermination – than you might be OK though! Think of all the small business that you have seen start and fail because someone had a passion to produce beautiful candles or little girl’s fairy dresses.

That’s really all you need to know: to make money online you need to think about what the customer (the buyer) wants – not what you want. You may want to write about what you did on the holidays or why you enjoy your new puppy – but its unlikely to make you money. If on the other hand you can provide good information on how to save money on your next beach vacation in Florida -you may be onto something.

Can Anyone Make Real Money Online?

No they can’t. The lazy and terminally stupid can’t. Sorry if that offends but this takes real effort. Eventually you can set up a nice little passive income business by building niche sites – but for the first year or so its going to take a lot of work. You don’t however need to be highly technically literate, a fantastic writer, or a great marketer. All of those skills you can learn – it will help if you already have them, or you have the money to buy the skills that you don’t have – but these aren’t impossible barriers.

Where Do I Start to Make Extra Cash Online?

I have written before about the few sources of good information which I use to learn this business. Now however one of my mentors: Courtney Tuttle has launched an affordable membership that teaches just that. Court with his colleague Mark have several years experience and have been teaching and consulting for a while – though to be honest their previous programs were too expensive for me – and most of their information can be be found on their blog. Now they have launched the Keyword Crash Course Video Series for $1 – yes $1.

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